Land & Records Office 

Would you like to know if your relatives lived in the "City of Joseph?"


The Land and Records Office has a database of information on individuals who lived in Nauvoo between 1839 and 1846.  It may include information on property ownership, church records, marriage records, burial records, census records,  occupations, histories, biographies, education, and community involvement. 

To help us identify your Nauvoo ancestors, please bring your fan chart when you visit.  Your chart should include the name, birth and/or death years of ancestors born between 1770 and 1846.   You may be able to download your fan charts from or a variety of other genealogy programs. 

If you locate early Nauvoo ancestors and would like to have their Land and Records information from our database, we will be happy to copy our records to a flash drive. We must use unopened drives; if you don't have one,  they are available for purchase.  


Please be aware our information is limited to the Nauvoo period 1839-1846.

Pick-Up Option available for Historic Nauvoo Guests:  If you are planning a trip to Nauvoo and can pick up your records at our office, we will search our database and have your ancestor's information prepared on a flash drive ($3.75) and the property maps, as applicable, marked.  During our busy summer months, please limit your request to 25 names.  


Please download, complete, mail or email a Record Request Form and allow two weeks for processing.