Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get tickets to shows?

Tickets to summer shows are free but must be obtained at the Visitors' Center. They are given out on the day of performance on a first-come-first-served basis. Ask any missionary in the Visitors' Center lobby for assistance. Large group reservations must be made in advance through the Large Group Request Form.

Where can Latter-day Saints attend Church?

Sacrament meetings begin at 10:00 am. and 1:00 pm. in the Stake Center (380 N. Durphy St., Nauvoo). Sacrament meeting for local missionaries begins at 8:00 am. Visitors may attend any of these meetings. Keep in mind that multiple large groups may be attending during the summer months, so please plan accorsingly.

How much does it cost to visit Historic Nauvoo?

There is no cost to visit Historic Nauvoo, take tours, watch films, or attend shows. The Joseph Smith Historic Site administered by the Community of Christ asks visitors to pay an historic site preservation fee of $5 to help them maintain their historic buildings. Information on these tours can be obtained at the Joseph Smith Historic Site Visitor Center.

Where can I worship on Sunday?

A variety of Christian churches other than the Latter-day Saints have an active presence in Nauvoo. These include: Community of Christ, 925 S. Durphy Street, 402-672-5653 Nauvoo Baptist Church, 2125 Mulholland, 217-453-9993 St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 170 North Wells Street, 217-453-2428 Christ Lutheran Church, 1110 Ripley Street, 217-453-2757 United Methodist Church, 1610 Ripley Street, 217-453-2422 First Presbyterian Church, 190 North Page Street, 309-221-0768

Where do I find a map of Historic Nauvoo?

Download a PDF map here. Maps are also available in the LDS Visitors' Center, 290 North Main Street, Nauvoo.

What are the food and lodging options in Nauvoo?

Historic Nauvoo does not operate any restaurants or hotels. You will find information about where to eat or stay from Nauvoo Tourism's website. You may also want to look at options in Carthage. Lodging is available in Keokuk, Fort Madison, and other cities nearby. Please consult available online tourism sites for more information. Please note that Nauvoo is a small rural town. If you are traveling with a large group, it would be wise to plan your meals in advance. It may be necessary to consult with businesses in neighboring towns for some of your needs.

Are the historic sites accessible for disabled visitors?

To maintain the integrity of the historical sites, we are limited in our ability to provide access to all venues. However, several are wheelchair accessible, and there are other accommodations for the hearing and visually impaired visitors at some venues. More information is available here.

Does Historic Nauvoo have a gift shop?

Historic Nauvoo does not have a gift shop. Small souvenirs are often provided at a few of the sites (like a cookie at the bakery), but there is nothing for sale in Historic Nauvoo. The Community of Christ operates the Red Brick store, which does sell a variety of items, and the Community of Christ Visitor Center offers books and other items for sale. Private merchants along Mulholland Drive and elsewhere in Nauvoo offer many souvenirs for sale. For more information, consult the Chamber of Commerce listings.

Where can my family have a picnic?

There are several picnic areas in and around Historic Nauvoo. Some require reservations and some charge a fee. For more information, review options here.

How do I get to Nauvoo?

Nauvoo is a small community with no public transportation. Most people need to drive at least a few miles to reach the town from an airport, bus depot, or train station. Nauvoo is generally easy to find with most GPS devices, but you are advised to review any mapped route before following it. To learn more about transportation options, visit this page.

How can the Land and Records office help me with family history research?

The Land and Records office houses a database of information about individuals who lived in Nauvoo between 1839-46. If you believe you had relatives who may have lived in Nauvoo or nearby during that time, bring your pedigree chart or other family history records with you to the Land and Records office. Volunteers will then be able to help you identify where your ancestor(s) lived and more about their lives in Nauvoo. If you did not have ancestors who lived in the Nauvoo area during the Mormon period, the Land and Records office will be less likely to have information that will help you with your personal family history research. However, is an excellent website to start with, because it provides free access to millions of digital records dating back many centuries.

How do large groups reserve tickets and get other information?

Organized groups with more than 25 participants should register with the Nauvoo Visitors' Center through the Large Group Reservation Form. A representative will contact you within a week to provide information and make the appropriate reservation for summer shows, etc. We cannot assist with housing, food, or other activities.

Where do buses and large RVs park in Nauvoo?

Bus and RV parking is available at the Historic Nauvoo Visitors' Center. If you are arriving by bus or RV, please note that Nauvoo has some very narrow streets. To keep everyone safe, it also has restrictions on where buses and RVs can drive. Please learn the routes and obey all traffic rules. For more information, consult the bus route map.

How far from Nauvoo is Carthage Jail?  And how can I get there?

Carthage is about 30 minutes away from Nauvoo by car. There is no public transportation between the two cities, so you will need your own transportation to get there. There are several different routes you could take, and most GPS systems should be able to find Carthage and the Carthage Jail Visitors' Center. Keep in mind that cellular service in some areas can be unreliable. A map is available in the Nauvoo Visitors' Center.

What is the weather for the next seven days?

Click here to link to webpage with seven day forecast.

What movies are available to watch at the Nauvoo Visitors' Center?

There are over a hundred selections ranging from short videos to full length church movies. Click here for a downloadable pdf of movies and associated play times.

What is the dog policy in Historic Nauvoo?

Only Service Animals may be brought into the Nauvoo Visitors' Center and Historic Buildings. Pets may not.