Guests Services- Disability Access

In trying to maintain the integrity of our historical sites, we are limited in providing access for guests with disabilities.  However, several venues are wheelchair accessible (see list below), and special accommodations are available for hearing and visually impaired guests. At sites with limited access, guides can provide an orientation outside (weather permitting) using a photo book.  

 Quarry Overlook

A ramp leads up to a look-out.

 Brick walkways, wide paths and no steps.


to Women

Land and Records Office

A ramp goes up to the door. Restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Family Living Center

Has a spacious interior, wide doors, and no steps.

Seventies Hall

A ramp on west side provides limited access to the interior hall.


Has accessible presentation rooms and restrooms.

Please ask missionary guides to escort you to the ramp behind the home to access part of this site. 

Browning Home & Gunsmith

Webb Brothers

Blacksmith Shop

 Wheelchair accessible, no steps.

Accessible Productions

Sunset by the 


Join us for some

old-fashioned, toe-tapping

fun in this one-hour

variety show performed

as the sun sets over the

Mississippi River. 

This summer show

is performed on an 

outdoor stage. To access

use ramp east of the

Nauvoo Visitors' Center 

parking lot on

Partridge Street.

Visitors' Center

Wheelchair Accessible Venues

All dioramas and artifact displays are accessible to wheelchairs, as are the theaters and the restrooms. A few wheelchairs are available for use on request. Disabled guests can also obtain more information about accessibility throughout Old Nauvoo.

Carthage Visitors' Center and Jail

The Carthage Visitors' Center is wheelchair accessible, including the restrooms.  Also, a ramp leads to the first floor of Carthage Jail.  While the second floor of the jail is only accessible to those who can climb a stairway, an audio presentation is available upon request in the jail's first floor parlor or at the Carthage Visitors' Center.

Locations of Public Restrooms with Wheelchair Accessibility 

  • Nauvoo and Carthage Visitors' Centers

  • Family Living Center

  • Main Street, north of Browning Gun

  • Land and Records Office

  • Behind the Seventies Hall

  • Brick Yard