We are delighted to welcome you to Historic Nauvoo. Below you will find information to help if you are planning  to visit or need help while you're here. 


Trail Of Hope 

Walk along the Trail of Hope on Parley Street where the Saints waited in line for their turn to cross the Mississippi River.   Read the 30 story boards containing quotes from journals and letters of early pioneers. Learn what strengthened them as they bid goodbye to their homes and faced an uncertain journey into the West.


Pioneer Pastimes

Let your children explore 19th century games, stories, and activities while you relax or join in the fun. Young children can dress up as pioneers and play in the child-sized log home! 


This site is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. Located on Main Street.


Children must have adult supervision!



The Land & Records Office has information on individuals who lived in Nauvoo between 1839- 1846. Volunteers will help you search the database for information on families, church, community involvement, and property locations if you think your ancestors may have lived here. 

Wagon Rides

Wagon & Carriage Rides

Take a 30-minute ride in a carriage or wagon pulled by draft horses and hear stories about Historic Nauvoo. 

The wagon ride provides an overview of Historic Nauvoo and departs from the Wagon Depot south of the Family Living Center.  The carriage ride  features faith promoting stories and vistas outside of town.  The Carriage Depot is northeast of the Visitors' Center. 

Tickets are typically required during the summer months and may be obtained at the Visitors' Center.

(Rides are available Monday through Saturday. 

Hours may vary and capacity is limited. See Event Schedules )

Oxen Rides

As you ride in a covered wagon pulled by a yoke of oxen, learn why oxen were the animal of choice for the migrating pioneers.  You might find out what Abner Blackburn said about training his near-wild oxen.  This is a great photo opportunity for the whole family. Look for the ox depot northwest of the Visitors' Center. 

Tickets are NOT required. Rides are offered on first-come first-served basis. 

(Rides are available Monday through Saturday. Hours may vary and capacity is limited.)

Rope Making

Weaving Loom


Come and see how the Saints made bread, wooden barrels, candles, rope, and pottery in the Family Living Center. You may even see weavers in action making rugs for our historic homes.  Take home a bit of rope and taste bread made in an actual brick oven.  This is a great way to see how life functioned in Old Nauvoo in the 1840's. 


Candle  Making

Bread Making