LOCATION: Parley Street West of the Seventies Hall
HOURS: Always Open

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The Trail of Hope is a moving experience year round

In the concluding dedicatory session of the Nauvoo Temple, President Hinckley of the LDS Church, made a special request of all those who were then in Nauvoo. He asked everyone to take a few minutes to “walk down Parley Street to the waterfront,” to the landing on the Mississippi River from which the early Mormons departed Nauvoo and crossed into Iowa on their westward trek. He asked people to leave behind the comfort of their air-conditioned cars, to walk along this historic path and take time to read the plaques along the Trail of Hope.

Thirty markers contain quotes from journals and letters of early pioneers as they got ready to begin the great trek to the Rocky Mountains. Click here to read the quotes on the markers (PDF).

At the edge of the river stands the Pioneer Memorial and “Exodus to Greatness” Monument. The Pioneer Memorial contains the names of many of those who died along the Mormon Trail and surrounds the “Exodus to Greatness” Monument, a stone mounted bronze frieze of the Mormon Trail.


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