LOCATION: Water Street next the the Homestead
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In 1991 new markers were placed on the burial plots of Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma Smith

Descendants of Joseph and Hyrum Smith joined together in 1990 to renovate and landscape the Smith Family Cemetery. Dedicated in August 1991, Elder M. Russell Ballard of the LDS Quorum of the Twelve, himself a descendant of Hyrum, said: “It’s a great privilege for family members to honor their forefathers and to prepare a garden spot for them to rise in the resurrection,” and called the renovation a “crowning accomplishment.”

“I am grateful that on the day of the resurrection they will rise up and have no question as to whether or not their posterity loved them,” Elder Ballard continued. “I think we have demonstrated by our combined efforts our deep love and affection for those whom we honor by the improvement of this cemetery.”

In 2002 the graves of Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith were located, and new markers were placed

One large granite headstone marks the graves of Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum.

Today, trees, flowers, grass, brick walkways, and benches combine to make a beautiful, fitting tribute to Joseph Smith and his family.


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