LOCATION: Parley Street West of Granger Street

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The Seventies were the missionaries sent out from Nauvoo, patterned after those “seventy” that Jesus called to carry the Gospel to every city and place (See Luke, 10:1). In this hall, the Seventies learned gospel principles and missionary skills. They went forth from Nauvoo to carry the gospel to every state in the Union, to the American Indians, to Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Isles.

The Seventies made great sacrifices to complete this building. They worked on the docks where they were paid with lumber, and they fired their own bricks. The hall was completed and dedicated in December, 1844. Brigham Young offered the dedicatory prayer and asked, “…may it (the Hall) be filled with thy spirit that it may be called the gate of Heaven, and may all who enter within its doors be made to feel thy love and power.”

The Hall was also used for worship, lectures, offices, a school, a library, and a museum. After the Latter-day Saints left Nauvoo, the Hall was sold and used by the Presbyterians, the Catholics, and finally as a school. After the school moved to Main Street, the Hall was leveled to the ground. It has been reconstructed to be as close to the original as possible.

Upstairs, visitors will find artifacts recovered in Nauvoo, including a star-stone from the original temple, as well as a complete list of all the Seventies who lived in Nauvoo


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