These properties are owned and operated by the Community of Christ.

Guided walking tours of the Smith family properties begin at the Joseph Smith Historic Site Visitors’ Center starting with a short film. For more information on hours and tour times, please click here (a new window will open and you will be redirected to the Community of Christ website).

Joseph Smith Historic Site Visitors Center

Within the Joseph Smith Historic Site Visitors’ Center, guests will find original paintings of Nauvoo by David Hyrum Smith as well as other artifacts and information about the city and its people. The Joseph Smith Historic Site Visitors Center includes artifacts from the Smith family and many close associates.

Nauvoo House

Although the early Mormons never completed this structure, Emma Smith’s second husband, Lewis Bidamon, did complete part of it for use as a home and hotel. He, and Emma ran the facility as the Riverside Mansion. Those on the guided walking tour will pass by the Nauvoo House and hear additional information on its history.

Joseph Smith Homestead

This cabin on the river became Joseph and Emma’s first home. They added on a kitchen to the north side of the building, and Joseph III built the frame addition to the west in 1858. On the walking tour, guests will view the inside of the Homestead. Inside, guests will see the same hand-hewn construction that was used to create the home and many furnishings from the time.

Mansion House

In 1842 Joseph Smith built this fine frame house just across the street from the Homestead. Just after its construction a hotel wing was added to accommodate the many visitors to Nauvoo while the Nauvoo House was under construction. It was in this house that Joseph and Emma Smith lived when he left for Carthage, where he was killed. Today the original home still stands, but the hotel wing was removed in 1890. While on the walking tour, guests may enter the home to view the rooms used by Joseph and Emma and hear about events that took place within the home.

Red Brick Store

Joseph Smith’s Red Brick Store served the community of Nauvoo in many ways from the time of its construction in 1841. While the first floor functioned as a store, the upper floor served as a gathering place for meetings, including the first meeting of the Women’s Relief Society, and also housed Joseph Smith’s office. Demolished in 1890, the Red Brick Store was reconstructed in 1980 to appear as it did in the 1840s.

Smith Family Cemetery

This cemetery serves as the final resting place for Joseph Smith, Emma Hale Smith, Hyrum Smith, Joseph Sr., and Lucy Mack Smith, as well as many other Smith family members and friends.


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