LOCATION: Main and Hubbard Streets

The Historic Nauvoo Visitors’ Center was dedicated in 1971

Begin your exploration of the City of Nauvoo by examining the 1846 relief map of Nauvoo, viewing an introductory video, and studying historic artifacts and displays. Gather information on over two dozen restored homes, shops and religious buildings in Nauvoo, and obtain tickets for wagon tours, carriage rides, and select performances.

The Visitors Center displays a full-sized replica of Thorvaldsen’s Christus

The Historic Nauvoo Visitors’ Center is the appropriate starting point for your visit. “Remembering Nauvoo“, a 20 minute film, and “Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration“, a 62-minute film, are featured, as well as a self-guided tour of exhibits that are easily accessible. A walk through the beautiful and inspiring Monument to Women garden, honoring women of the past, present and future, is a highlight.


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